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The blog of Iszaham Sukor

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Watchmen Review

Zack Snyder's Watchmen
Well, I think Zack has doing a great job on making the greatest graphic novel "Watchmen" to the big screen. Eventhough I haven't read the graphic novel yet…( unfortunately Watchmen novel didn't sold here.. quick angry ) but.. It have watch a couple page at Amazon and watch Behind The Scene, where they show the graphic novel and the movie, I thought a was brilliant beautiful. The CGI, image and mask from Watchmen movies was amazing awesome. Wish I can own one.

The movies itself, have given us a new dawn of Superheroes, not as great The Dark Knight (my favourite movies 2008) but it didn't give us the joy of watching superheroes movies and just… just hope that Superheroes lives among us.

My favourite character from graphic novel & movies, it going to The Comedian. I know he a jerk, but he kind of Captain America in a bad way, but he great. I think Jeffery Deab Morgan didn't a great job on it.

One other thing, RORSCHACH mask was brilliant amazing.

Trust me, watchmen is worth watching.
Can't wait when Watchmen dvd released!


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