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Monday, July 6, 2009

Some People Just Don’t Grasp the Concept of "Can't bowl"

I've got my first paid after two weeks I'm worked at Parit Buntar INN. To exact on July 2nd 2009, I got about RM233.00. Furthermore, it was a sad day (Not because the paid of money, memorial of Farrah Fawcett or Michael Jackson) because it was the last day of Kak Hanis worked here (back study for her Degree in Bio-Medical). We saw and spoke for the last time, even make joke. She was still lovely, nicer and down-to-earth. Still my friendship with her will always remember in ours hearts and minds.

After that my brother and friend decided to go enjoy at Pacific. Azmi was the one asked "How about we play bowling?" (Throw some bowl, sound like fun). My brother loves the idea (he had play before in his life). The truth was, I haven't play once in my life, and of course I'm felt like idiot, watching myself fooling around. At end of games, Azmi was indeed the pro-one in us. The scoreboard was, Azmi score 132 with 3 strike and 2 spare while my brother, Syazary at first was amazing (great than me) but he only got 61 score. I felt much better when I knew I'm beat my brother with 84 score, 2 strike and 1 spare. Now I'm felt... I love bowl. Can't wait to play once again soon with more friends.

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Pemenung Langit dan Bumi said...

practice make perfect...

Iszaham said...

i guss that true :D

my story is.. said...

bowling mmg best...!!!1

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Ozu Abd Aziz & Atyn Junaidi (^_^)Y