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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened

Last night, was the 100th episode of the Desperate Housewives show in Malaysia. It is the thirteenth episode of the show's fifth season. "The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened", is the best episode ever, in my opinion. The storyline was brilliant, and really caught our feeling. Guest starring from Beau Bridges as Eli Scruggs, was brilliant. He make us and Wisteria Lane's resident felt sad. Of course we know how that felt. Just imagine when we lost someone that we really care. For this 100th episode, Mary Alice Young as Brenda Strong is seen in this episode for the first time in the fifth season. Before, we just hear as narrated. Besides, this is the 99th episode narrated by Mary Alice. I think this so far is the best episode from season 5, this is The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened in 100th episode. Hope the next week episode is good as last night!


Indera said...

yaaa..i totally agreed wif u. since i'm kipas-susa mati DH, last nite episode is full of surprises!!if u aware, u'll see nosy bitches, martha huber, one of my fav character of wisteria lane!.

p/s--)US version of DH will be ended in 2 weeks frm now with 2 hour special episode!. either MJ or Susan will be in a grave danger!

azwani said...

hey, juz wanna drop by..
btw, u really did watch desperate housewives?? Cool! I've never watch it before. Not even once..heheheh. there's one time i waited to watch it, and i fell asleep..hahaha. n nice blog..

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