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The blog of Iszaham Sukor

Friday, May 8, 2009

Congratulation Iszaham

I recently wishing to get one of upu's application to one of university, but after the result of upu out last week, I discover that I haven't got any. In another mean, I'm been REJECT! On May 7, my friend told me that I could check if I get form 6 or NOT. The good new is, I GOT it! So, I can apply from form 6 this year. Quick happy for awhile, BUT this mean I'm stuck in the same school once again. WHAT THE FISH! Well, at least one school ACCEPT me, right. :D


Fashfara said...

yeah u damn right. :)

lya said...

form 6 ok jugak tuh

Pemenung Langit dan Bumi said...

congrrats from me...

Iszaham said...

Thanks guys!

Nadia Samz said...

so dear, r u rili sure nak masok form 6?
tp,still ok loh.
btw,best of luck yah.

azwani said...

congratz! form 6 pun okey wat..
u wont regret it , if u do ur best..huhu

fight for da right babeh!

Iszaham said...

Thanks Nadia & Azwani.
skrg ni dah 2 ari kt skolah..
tgk dulu laa..
klu dpt politeknik esok..
kira x masuk laa lower 6.
klu dpt dukacita..
nmpk lower 6 jer llaa. :D

pijot said...

same with my sis..

die pun xdpt g U..
tp dpt form6..
tanak jgk g form6..
so wat je rayuan..

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